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With ETurns:
-you can provide your customers an easy return option free of charge.
-you enable your customers to bear part or all of the cost of returned goods flexibly using local postal outlets with a UK consolidation.
-you have entire transparency online and reporting options to conveniently manage your return volume.
-you can use the Norsk received scan point in country to assign a refund quicker than waiting to receive the goods at your UK DC.

Three important elements which consumers look for on a retailer website:
1) price discounts
2) detailed delivery information and
3) easy to understand return policy

Advantages for you:
- Manage the return volumes with minimum effort
- End-to-end T&T transparency
- All-in-one rate for easy planning and costs saving
- One consistent return process for most of Europe – less administrative work
- Easy set-up through standardized processes
- Easy return label creation via eTurns Portal or web widget

Advantages for the consumer:
- Free timing for hand-over return parcel – no appointment with couriers
- Highest density of postal offices as drop off points
- Possibility to return free of charge
- High level of convenience

The process which we know to be different for each Retailer is adaptable depending on your exact requirements. Our dashboard and automated email system ensures that both the Consumer and your designated handler are kept up to date with real-time tracking information every step of the way.

63% of online shoppers are influenced by the returns policy

The below form is a test widget to showcase how easy the service is to use. Although the label will be created, this is a dummy label populated with your details. This does not trigger the start of the ETurns process so any return booked as such will not be followed with standard tracking emails etc.